Why can I not alter the colours on template

Hi there after all the mess beta 7 made of deleting all my listings, I have finally finished completed importing them from eBay but they imported in slightly different colour and now have to set all of them to original template I used but only trouble is it won’t let me change any of the colours why is this as they all wrong colour now?

When uploading a listing with GarageSale to eBay, all your designs and design setting are compiled into your item’s description, which is sent to eBay.

When reimporting your listing from eBay, there is no way for GarageSale to know what parts of your item’s HTML description were originally part of your design or your own input. Therefore all the design settings don’t work.

Also, when starting new listings from such a template, make sure you don’t have a design in GarageSale enabled, as the you get a Russian doll effect (your currently selected design + the design from the original start).

Oh so what you saying is not only garagesale lost all my listings. I have to do everyone from scratch again and end all listings on eBay and make up everyone all over again?

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Not quite. I’m saying you cannot alter your design settings of your imported listings, unless you extract the actual description from your listing, remove all the border HTML added by GarageSale during the initial listing process and paste the copied description back into your listing. Afterwards your can you change your design settings as always.