Why can I not see listing in live mode

I restarted garagesale 7 from scratch now as it lost all my listings, I have just migrated all listings from garagesale 6 again but I can see my listings but in live mode, it only shows listing all in code why is this?

Have you clicked this switch in the main window’s toolbar?

Yeah but still a load of codes and that an no pictures but the listing on eBay looks as it should but when I click from preview mode to live mode it just looks like all in code .

It happens to me, with Bate18

yeah happens beta 18 but thought when I update to 20 it would sort itself out.

We had people reporting contacting our support that their listing on eBay would display the HTML code instead of the rendered HTML when viewed in a browser.

Since the live view only shows what eBay sends to us, I assume this is some kind of bug on eBay’s side.

I have sorted it just refresh your eBay token then all comes back again

:+1: I confirm, updating the token function throughout