Why Does GS Display a Listing Price When I have a Store with Free Listing Fees Quota?

I have an eBay store which gives me 250 Free listings per month. I noticed that the price indicator on the menu-bar of GS still indicates a price even though I’am not eligible for the first 250 listings - a saving of £87.50 in listing fees that month, then £0.10 thereafter. Am I charged an insertion fee for using GS?

If I am being charged for listing by eBay for using a third party listing app, I will go back to listing with an Excel spreadsheet using eBay File Exchange.

I cannot seem to find this information on eBay - Hope this is NOT the case!


Almost certainly you will not be charged. eBay’s API is notoriously bad when it comes to computing fees upfront. For some reason, the ignore they own policies and never give the correct price when the seller has a free quota.

My advice is to list a single listing with GarageSale, ignoring the whatever fees GarageSale shows you before and after the listing. Right after the listing go to the eBay website and verify that the listing was indeed free to list.

Strange to say, but I had the same problem for years, and never paid attention to that fees for the explained reason. Now, since some days (or weeks? I never look at it so I cannot be exact) the fee is finally zero since I have a free listing plan too…

Thanks guys! Good to hear. Love the structure and reports that GS affords me.
It’s listing day tomorrow so i’ll throw up one item - check I wasn’t charged on eBay and get back to you.


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