Why not putting SKU field in main page?

I would like to bring up an old thread closed sadly without any reply in GS 8 forum: https://help.iwascoding.com/t/sku-placement-suggestion/5388 . I know there are tons of other more important things to do right now, but I’d like to underlain the importance of this field in the more “business” viewpoint of GS 8 and hear some considerations from other users who have thousands items.

  1. First of all, location of SKU field is very hidden under advanced tab and this is a problem. SKU is something strictly important that need to be filled for every single listings. Switching between tabs every time is not practical at all. This field should be in the main page in my opinion, in a very visible position and easily reachable, like under the title, or bold under the price. For this specific situation, I am obligated to put SKU somewhere else, like in the title, but this is not good since we have maximum 80 characters (and SKU is becoming longer…) and I think this is also not good for indexing (maybe just a wrong idea, but I have some doubt)… If I put it in the bottom of description, this is not good at all because I cannot do a search for SkU code. So, or it stays in title, or in SKU field, which is very hidden and inconvenient. Using the SKU field would also let us ordering by ascending/descending SKU all listings, which is not possible to do if SKU is at the end of title.
    All this considerations concern selling one-of-a-kind collectable goods in large quantity, stored together and so not easy and fast to find, one by one, when they sold. All this to say that these SKU consideration do not concern the use of inventory section.

  2. Second, I think SKU should be a little larger in the order section. When you select an order, SKU is still there. The only pity is that its so small…

  3. Third, which is missing, the SKU in invoice of Grandtotal. This is another problem. Between information exported to Grandtotal, SKU is not considered. I think this is a lack, SKU should be next or under the title of each single good in invoice.

I spent some time before reporting this serious consideration because I didn’t want to say “useless” things in such a busy period. I evaluated other solutions but found nothing practical, I’d like to hear someone else considerations and if GS team will evaluate this before the official release of version 8.

Thank you

Hi Federico
Although I do not use SKU i understand and share with you your concerns that sometimes GS users do not always know what GS Support are doing about an issue. A simple web page of what action is being taken for each item would be of enormous help. I also understand that there is an overhead in doing this. Everything is time consuming.


Hello David,
thank you very much for your reply! Do you use any sort of univocal code for your numerous listings? If so, where do you put it? Description? If you don’t use any code, how do you find easily goods you sell between thousands?

Thank you

No not really Federico. I think that would be overly complicated for my listings.

I generally search by my own description:

Issuer: Kelloggs
Set title: World of Speed (generally search for World, Speed to remove the preposition).

It is for that reason I asked GS support for some tips on searching
ie. Does it make any difference if I search for the most common word first or last. It could make a difference depending on their search algorithm, or it may make difference at all. I was just curious.

Like if i search for ‘the’ and ‘peanut’. Nearly every listing will have the word ‘the’ in it. Are they marked and then searched a second time for ‘peanut’

OR are both word searched in each listing at the same time?

I did get a first time response from GS Support asking for an example which I supplied but noting since. Looking back I could maybe have explains my query more clearly.

Oh. And that was why I was asking if both unsold and sold listings could be kept in the same group with an option not to list already sold items.

Hello David,
I see… so also the “exact word” search does not work for you?

It can do sometime, Frederico but I need to be careful

eg. Card or Cards

and sometimes an abbreviation may be used to fit in with the title 80chards limitation


Usually all I need is to get the group/folder name for my search. But of course the group name is not searchable.


I would welcome any changes to make SKU more prominent. The lack of SKU reporting is something that causes me to use spreadsheets instead of running GS in my business. I also deal in one-of-a-kind items so everything revolves around SKU.

Maybe as flippers we’re just not a common use case?

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I too would like SKU and Shipping to be more prominent.

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Hello all,
thank you very much indeed for your important replies! This means I am not the only one who is suffering due to the SKU.
I think this is not a problem for all because many users don’t use it since it is hidden and maybe few know what it actually is (like me, untile a year ago I used a code but didn’t know it was called “SKU” and there was a - hidden - field for that in GS).
Maybe the team will give their opinion…

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