Will Garage Sale templates work on Garage Sale Touch?

My friend and I are conducting eBay auctions for a charity; I have Garage Sale for my iMac but he only has an iPhone. I have set up all the templates and would like to export and forward them to him via email.

Will that work so he doesn’t have to start from scratch? Obviously we need to know before he purchases Garage Sale Touch.

Thanks much,

Hi Mike,

GarageSale Touch does not have all the features and options GarageSale/Mac has and so can’t import files from GarageSale/Mac so far.

Regards, Kristian

Thank you for the prompt reply, Kristian!

I hope that discrepancy is remedied in the future because a lot of folks have both devices and the convenience of sharing templates is invaluable–much faster and easier than having to recreate the same templates from scratch.