Will GS enable me to sell multiple titles in one listing on eBay

Thanks for any help, I know this might not be possible from GS. I’m trying to sell multiple CDs and vinyl records in one single listing on eBay, I know eBay supports this function but I wonder if GS enables me to take advantage of this type of multiple listing? I understand Advance > Variations enables me to add colors, sizes, but in this case I want to list different CD titles with different prices. I see sellers with a SELECTION drop down button (labeled SELECT) that enables a buyer to see the list of items for sale although not the price, until they select the item. For example:

Thanks for any help!

In that listing they just named the variation “Selection”, I think. You can do the same and then just add all your items as variations.
You might want to create inventory items for each CD title first so you can then easily add them to the variations panel.

More about variations and how to work with them in the help chapter here:

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