Won't push through to Ebay

I just noticed that the program crashes after I installed the new El Capitan so I did download the newest version of GarageSale in hoping that it would work faster - Personally I have to open/close the program up to 7 times before it pushes through to Ebay? I am revising my photos and making them all 72 dpi hope that will make a difference - but right now I can not stop it from crashing… ugh


I am using Version 6.9.7b4 (624) on my Mac version 10.11 (15A284)

What does “not push through” mean? Do you get an error message, or does the application hang?

We haven’t received a single crash report for version 6.9.7b4. Have you send them to us when asked upon reopening the application?

The crashing has stopped but now I have to open/close multiple times before it communicates with Ebay!! Once it gets going its fine! I run my computer all night so that I don’t lose my place with Garagesale otherwise I have to start the process all over again!