Wrong eBay Category Problem

We’ve had this problem off and on for years. I am certain that we’re not the only person to have this problem, and it may be an eBay-side issue. If so, please let me know so I can yell at them.

I just created a brand new auction off a new template and yet when it went live it was moved into the Coins & Paper Money>Coins: US>Errors instead of Coins & Paper Money>Coins: US>Small Cents>Lincoln Shield (2010-Now) like I had set it up.

When the listing was told to start in GarageSale, I got a message stating “This product belongs to a different category, so the category has been changed.”

The original category I set it for is the correct one! Listing in the Errors category is a complete waste of time. In order to get it into the right category, I had to go revise it on eBay itself and pay 15¢ for a Secondary Category option. I should not be having to do this.

eBay auction in question: https://www.ebay.com/itm/192421106066

We’ve seen this happen most often with gold coins during the past several years, but now it appears to be creeping into other numismatic categories as well.

Same thing happened when I tried to list a 2015-S Native American Dollar, also a proof strike coin. But we’ve seen it occur with at least a dozen other types of U.S. coins.

Of the 48 listings of ours listing in the US>Coins>Errors category, all but 10 are mistakes occurring either through GarageSale or eBay. This issue needs to be fixed, and soon.


do you have any idea why eBay thinks you’re listing to the “wrong” category?
Do you maybe have a product selected in the product panel?
Is there maybe a certain term in your title that “triggers” eBay?

Please also let us know which version of GarageSale you have installed. (Just select ‘About GarageSale’ from the ‘GarageSale’ menu in GarageSale.)
Regards, Kristian

GS 7.0.10 (818) but this has been happening for years.

On the unlisted Native American Dollar, I did unselect the Product Information and that did clear the ‘error’ message. Not an ideal solution, but doable.

On already active listings, it is a bit more complicated. Removing the Product Information and then revising the listing did not work. Stopping and relisting the item also failed to fix the problem. Stopping the listing and then starting it as a new listing does appear to work though.

So that may be all it takes to clear some of the problems, however, it is a not a catch-all solution.

This 1896-S Barber Quarter, PCGS G06 Good https://www.ebay.com/itm/202159866108 does not have any Product Information active in GS, yet it is listed in the Errors category. AND it also has had Product Details added by eBay somehow. Uncertain how that happened.

Similar situation with a number of other listings where no Product Information is listed, yet they get placed in the Errors category. No rhyme or reason apparent based on the titles and terms used.

I’ll have to do more research, but this is an old listing so perhaps there are some breadcrumbs in the old coding that are preventing it from getting fixed. I’ll see how many are affected in this way, and create new listings for them with a fresh template and see if that clears the error.

Pulling all the listings that were affected, then relisting them as new items once all Product Information was cleared, has fixed the problem for the moment. Won’t know for certain it is fixed permanently until after these listings end in 30 days and then are relisted again.

Weird that eBay’s own Product Information specifics would be causing mis-categorization of items, especially on such a large scale with the Coin, Currency & Bullion categories. We’ve gone ahead and removed Product Info from all listings.

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