Wrong listing selected and hilighted after duplication

This happens frequently, although not every time, and not often enough to be able to record a screen movie…

I “find” a finished listing, by Find, or Smart Group and Reveal Original, to select it.

Then command-shift-D to Duplicate without photos.

The new listing is selected, but then also another unrelated listing, usually a few lines away, has the title selected and open for editing.

This has been happening for months with several versions, but I just can’t narrow down the exact steps and conditions to make it occur.

But, it is very annoying since you then have to click again on the newly duplicated listing to re-select it so you don’t start typing in the “other” unrelated listing title which is now selected and open for editing.

I’d be happy if all listing titles in the left-hand column were never selectable for editing. Just Smart Group and Folder titles could be edited.

Using GarageSale 9.2b9 (1498) and macOS 13.1 (22C65).


I have never noticed this Neal. I do not use CMD SHIFT D though to duplicate.

Could this bug be related to a smart group, that might have been updated as a result of the duplication? Maybe it makes a difference if the smart group was expanded or not?

POSSIBLY… I’ll try to look for that…


Here is a selected listing BELOW the the duplicated listing…


Sorry, still haven’t found a way to replicate that issue.

Also, it looks like the selected “++++” separator listing has its title field in edit mode. I don’t recall us ever adding code that puts that field into edit mode. Very strange indeed…

Yea, I can not reproduce it on command either…

Yes, this is ALWAYS the case, the wrongly selected item in the list goes into edit mode on the title.

Pressing the return or enter key will put the title into edit mode.

Yes. Agreed. MAYBE a macOS bug… :man_shrugging:


That’s handled by the System’s outline view implementation. I will have another look at our code, in case I forget that we invoke the edit mode somewhere.

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