XML Import Format

I’m working on an importing workflow, and am having issues with the following tasks:

  1. Adding shipping fees:

This is some sample text from the help page:

Standard Shipping from outside US

Economy Int’l Shipping

Open and close tags are different here, can excel generation of XML code do this?

  1. How can I ensure that a 99¢ bid isn’t automatically added to the template?

Setting the format to fixed price and the starting bid to the BIN price does not work.

  1. How can I tag the first image as the gallery image? I couldn’t get the sample text to work!

  2. Can payment options be included?

Thanks in advance for your time.


Turn off the starting bid checking in GarageSale’s preferences > New Templates.

Here is some sample text taken from our help page, that does exactly that:

<domesticShippingService serviceAdditionalFee="2.00" serviceFee="12.00">UPS Ground</domesticShippingService> <internationalShippingService serviceFee="22.00">UPS Worldwide Express</internationalShippingService>

Can you post the sample XML you have been trying so far?

<imageURL isGalleryImage="true">http://my-sever.com/my-image.jpg</imageURL>

Have you tried copying the sample XML text from our website to the TextEdit application, saving it, and importing it into GarageSale?

I don’t think Microsoft Excel can generate appropriate XML for GarageSale to import. I believe you need some sort of script that reads that from whatever format your data is currently has, and exports it to GarageSale’s XML format.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for your
I have deselected
the starting box checkbox in the preferences, a fresh import since
that change now shows the starting bid as 0.00.
I saw the sample
data on the wiki page about shipping and gallery image - I’m
unable to get excel or the Xml editor software to generate similar
code, as they each use the 1st row in each column as the open /
close tag in the XML output.
I can email a
sample XML file that I’ve been able to generate so far, I wasn’t able to attach that to this email (email response states: "Sorry, new users can’t put images in posts. Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post”), however I can send it through.
Thanks again,


I increased your user level on this support site from zero to one, so you should be able to attach files and links to your posts now.

Sorry, I cannot help you with Excel or your XML Editor. I edit XML files with the TextEdit application included with OS X or with TextWrangler’s XML syntax highlighting mode.


Thanks for your email, sample XML file attached.
I understand structuring the more complex XML code for the shipping / gallery images is nothing to do with GarageSale, so I’ll work out some way of doing that.
Aside from that, I would like to know which fields in the XML import need to be selected for a BIN auction with best offer as an option.
As it stands, I can get those options on the XML file into GarageSale, however it also has the minimum bid checkbox selected, with a minimum bid of 0.00.
I can of course deselect this within GarageSale after import, however it’d be better to do so before import.
Thanks again,


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That would be <bestOffer>true</bestoffer> <buyItNowPrice>5.99</buyItNowPrice>.

Turn off the starting bid check box in GarageSale’s preferences > New Templates. Every value which not specified in the XML file is taken from your preferences.