XML Parse Error

While trying to start a listing, I encountered this error:

I ran through my code with a text search, and there are no
tags in the code. So I’m not sure what’s going on.

That’s a strange error as far as I can tell.
Do you maybe use custom code in the captions, GarageSale footer, item specifics or Properties Inspector?

Regards, Kristian

I rarely ever use captions, but I did go back and check all four of those items, and none of them have any coding shown.

It’s especially strange, because I listed a nearly identical auction (identical coding but different text) before this one, and that first one had no issues.

If you didn’t make any changes in your listing maybe it’s just a (temporary) issue with the eBay system.

Feel free to export and send me the listing in question so I can have a look at it. However, please also test whether it makes a difference if you select another image service in the GarageSale preferences > eBay > eBay Images.
Please make sure that you have GarageSale 7.0.15 installed.

Regards, Kristian

Yes, 7.0.15 is the version installed. I tried switching the images from my own server to Garagesale’s–no difference.

Here’s the export file:
XML Error - Listing Export.gslisting.zip (6.7 MB)

Thanks for posting the listing. I was able to reproduce the eBay error here.
It seems to have to do with the variations. If you remove them the error disappears. I am afraid that something got mixed up with them and you need to try to re-do them.

Hope this helps,

Okay. Yeah, I had to create new inventory “pages” for each item to get it to upload.


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