Your card has been declined

I’m no longer able to pay my subscription for Garagesale Pro because both of my cards (Visa and Mastercard) are being declined. It has been working previously but just recently, the card is declined and I get an email from iwascoding GMBH that my $14.99 payment was unsuccesful (and then again when retrying). I have plenty of money in my debit card accounts so that’s not the reason it’s being declined. Really I wish there was a way to pay these fees with Paypal, but I’ve not been able to find any way of paying subscription fees outside of entering a credit card number.
I’m located in the USA and have cards from two different banks. Both decline the cards every time. What is the solution?
Frustrated because its Saturday and I need to list on ebay and my bank won’t be open to answer any questions until Monday.

Have you already contacted the GarageSale support?

I haven’t yet. I really believe that the problem is with my card issuer in the USA doesn’t like seeing the funds drawn from a client in Germany. This is why I would really like to see Paypal as a payment option for subscriptions. I plan on calling my bank in the morning and discussing this with them again. I’ve had the discussion before and they were not helpful. This is kind of annoying and I know its not necessarily the fault of iwascoding, but unless I’m unique to this being a problem, they should explore other ways to accept payment so we can all get back to business.

Forgive me if my post sounds like a rant. I’m not upset with iwascoding. I’m more just frustrated with the inability to pay for what I need. Subscription based software makes this problem surface more often. I loved the days when I could buy the software and use it for a year or two before upgrading. Why do things have to be complicated in 2023 for international business??

My problems have been resolved with a call to my bank. Recently the rules of my bank changed regarding foreign transactions and since I’m in the USA and iwascoding is in Germany, they blocked the card (both of my banks are doing this). The lady at the bank said this is going to be an ongoing issue for me so my best plan is to do annual subscription and have to jump thru this hoop only once a year. I hope my post helps anyone else that is having this issue. Its frustrating when you Garagesale on weekends and you’re locked out because your subscription ended on a Friday afternoon without you knowing about it.

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