Adding Variations on Beta 7

under attributes you cannot remove size so variations cannot be added. I tried this again today and also got an error message saying I needed to enter unique SKU’s for each variation which I had done.
Has anyone else had these problems?

Hi Mattinbkk,

are you using the latest beta version of GarageSale 7?:

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian,I just downloaded the latest version but still I can’t figure out how to remove the size in attributes so that I can list variations.

You have to create variations using the “Size” attribute first, than the remove button should appear in the attributes panel.

Hi I tried that in the older Beta version but it didn’t work. Now I’ve upgraded to the latest version I can’t try it because I’m getting this error about the SKU’s.I’ve given each size variation a unique SKU but it still comes up with this message.