An effective way to delete GHOSTS from smart groups

I started noticing a ton of ghosts in my smart groups and the counts were way off, not higher as I expected because of the ghosts but exponentially lower counts. I did run the REMOVE ghost children repair but it was only able to remove a few. I had to redo all my smart groups and the ghosts are now gone. AND btw, having the smart group list out of alphabetical order is VERY time consuming even if I remember to hit the option key to get them to be alphabetical.

You probably already tried it but if these “ghost” items only appear in smart groups it might be that refreshing the smart group index already fixes the issue.
To do this open the smart group settings and then simply click on the OK button. This will refresh smart group index.

Thanks. I will try that next time. I was looking at the settings and hitting cancel. That didn’t fix it but if it happens again I will try “OK”.

The “Rebuild Indexes” debug options will most likely cure the problem of ghost items in smart groups, as the smart groups are built from the contents of your index.

Before running that option, please make sure you have a current backup of your GarageSale.leveldb directory.

Also, you might want to to upgrade to the latest beta version, as it improves re-indexing performance:

Hitting the “OK” option also removes the sold and ended from smart groups even when the smart group has the option of “status>is> running without bids or sales” enabled. Sold and ended listings were remaining in the smart groups even with “status>is> running without bids or sales”.

I see this tip quite often. Is Time Machine sufficient or is there a better option to create a specific back up. Maybe a menu item for the option “create back up” for GS?

Clicking the OK corrects the new ghosts and the count numbers that seem to be creeping and slowly changing over time, sometimes more some times less, once it was a couple 100 and others were off 2-5 listings. It has only been 4 days since I cleaned all these up and now they are back. Ideas?

Could you please post a screenshot of the smart group settings where this his happening, so we can try to replicate?

This one said 708 after 1 day and after hitting OK the number is 1118.

was 582 and now 596

4 ghosts and 104 before OK 107 after

22 ghosts and off by 2

3 ghosts off by 3

4 ghosts

no ghosts but count was off by 4

Actually out of 40 smart groups 21 had wrong counts and ghosts so it is not happening to every smart group.
@@@UPDATE 6/15/23@@@ only one count off by 2 (I may have missed it on refresh yesterday) and no ghosts overnight.

I THINK it MIGHT have to do with listings that are now in the Trash??? I THINK when a listing is in a Smart Group and it is automatically moved into the Trash by a Start or Relist action, it is NOT removed from the Smart Group. Hence, when you open the Smart Group and click OK, then the Smart Group contents are regenerated and the Trash listings are then excluded.

Just a possible thought???


I empty trash daily. The count creep happens slowly. I am trying to pin down what GS is doing when it occurs. The ghosts also randomly appear in slowly increasing numbers

I just ran a sample of 10 and no ghosts or wrong counts were created during the end and relist process. They seem do appear during downtime and overnight when I am not using GS

The ghosts and count issues have disappeared and not been an issue for 5 days. ??? Odd but appears to have fixed it with Beta 8

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