An Old Problem Resolved Itself....Months Later

@Ilja & @kristian :

I’m not sure, but I imagine you will want to know the update on a problem I had for quite some time and which did not get resolved.

That original thread expired, but it’s here:

Preview Mode Isn’t Working On Some Listings

I had accumulated 27 of these and put them in a folder for “later fixing.”

Today I got around to it, and thought I’d try exporting to see if the sizes were all as big as they were before, and to my shock and pleasure, when I tried to open the new exported file, that copy, in each instance, was fine!!

I hope that made sense.

Anyway, I’m not sure why, but I can now “fix” the problem if/when it occurs again.

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Good to hear. Maybe something was wrong with the category data, and was fixed by eBay after a while.

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