Anyone else notice that GS has stopped getting watchers and views counts?

Anyone else notice that GS has stopped getting watchers and views counts? GS is no longer getting these counts so it is impossible to see which listings have watchers on view counts without going to ebay to get stats. There are a lot of views and watchers showing on ebay for these listings I started 24 hours ago

Have you already tried updating your eBay access token and then selecting “Update all listings”?

Yes, That fixed it. Is that something that could be automated every so often? I see that answer from you guys often in the comments.

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• The eBay access token still has to be refreshed manually from time to time if I am not mistaken.
• GarageSale updates the listing states automatically (given there is a valid eBay access token) unless you have set it to “Never” in the GarageSale preferences > Orders > Update Orders and Listings.

I have to “select “Update all listings”” daily now to get the listings to update. Should I also update the token often to get the info to keep downloading? The setting is every 5 minutes

In general the eBay token (the refresh token to be precise) is valid for about 2 years. So you should not update it more often than that.

Some times (e.g. when you change the password or the authentication of you eBay account) eBay may expire your token early and GarageSale does not recognize this properly.

As we experienced an early expiration of the token a few weeks ago with our company account, too I guess eBay is currently changing (or breaking :wink: ) something on their side.

In general you should update your token if the updates of states in GarageSale does not work properly or you get an error when you try to list an item.


Ok, but GS is not “Updating Orders and Listings” every 5 minutes or even 1 time in 24 hours

UPDATE #2: I started 36 listings 24 hours ago. Nothing has updated since listing them until I click “update all listings”. I suppose it’s not the end of the world to do this every now and then now that I know how to get the info down.

My listings ARE all updating Views AND Watchers, even ones started in the past 24 hours…

I’m in eBay USA.


This is 12 hours and then after I click the update all listings.

Hi Martin,

I’m SURE you have checked the “Update Orders and Listings” setting… :wink:


Yeah, I tried 15 minutes and then switched back to 5 but no change. Kristan mentioned it above.




On my computer, GS is NOT performing restarting 7 day auctions that have ended until I click the “UPDATE ALL LISTINGS” command. It is also not getting watchers and views counts until I click the “UPDATE ALL LISTINGS” command. I have downloaded the token several times.

The failure to get watcher and view count isn’t terrible but not restarting auctions that have ended is troublesome.

Maybe a look at your AutoRestart log file gives us an idea what’s happening. Here is how to send it to us:

  1. In GarageSale, choose “Help” menu > “Open Library Folder”
  2. Look for file named “AutorestartLog.txt”
  3. Zip that file and send to us. Either a private message on this forum to me, or send an e-mail to

you want me to: A. copy it? B. duplicate it? C.Share it? D. Compress Autorestartlog.txt?
I see no ““Zip” that file” option.
I googled how to “Zip that file”. I emailed the copy to the address above

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Thanks, got your log file. It seems GarageSale processes your auto-restart settings, but can’t find the listings in its database to relist. Here are three exampled error message from your log file:

2024-07-09 13:36:46 -0400: skipping item Old Traveler Wheel Measuring Tool Hand Made Wrought Iron Conestoga Wagon Vintage because not local listing matching id 375455100772 could be found
2024-07-09 13:36:46 -0400: skipping item 3/8” Square Head 10 Lags Bolts 1/4" X 1 1/2” Black Steel Screw Blacksmith rustic because not local listing matching id 395433886738 could be found
2024-07-09 13:36:46 -0400: skipping item Acorn International EFW1714 Electric Fence Wire 17 Gauge 1/4 Mile Galvanized because not local listing matching id 375455101109 could be found

If those listings are still in your database and showing these eBay item ids, my guess is, that the index for listings ids in your database is not valid anymore.

In that case, one thing you could try would be to rebuild your index by holding down the control key when starting GarageSale. Make sure that have a current backup of your GarageSale library and that you don’t need to work on GarageSale in the next hour or so (depending on your Mac’s speed and your library size).

Should I run any of those other options in that list that pops up when I hold down the control key?

Yes, the “Rebuild Index” option.