Apple Store version - upgrading

Hi I have v6.9 and its not updating to the latest (6.9.3). Do you plan to put the latest verson on the appstore? or is there a way i can update from here? (baring in mind that it was an appstore purchase.)


GarageSale 6.9.3 is in the “Waiting for Review” phase of the App Store submission process. I expect it to be available on the Mac App Store late this or early next week.

You can also use GarageSale 6.9.3 from our website. It will recognize your App Store purchase and not require an additional license. However, we had at least one customer reporting data loss when hoping between version, therefore my advise is make sure you have a complete backup of your hard disk before giving this a try.

Hi Thanks for the reply, I did try the upgrade but it asked me for license info i don’t have as the appstore purchase just installs… i think I’ll wait no problems.