Archived Auctions and Importing EBay Listing Problems

I have an ongoing, never ending problem (months and months, or is it years now?):

Items exist somewhere in eBay (often I can’t find them, and I thought they were in the Archive Folder, but some are not.)

What has been happening is I Import all eBay listings and then I sort the listings to only show what is on eBay, but not GS yet. I import them, and then end and delete them. Next time I do an Import from eBay, the same exact items show up.

I have never been able to troubleshoot this effectively, and I am to the point I want to just delete all the items in the archive folder, and also to delete all sold and ended listings in eBay.

Can you please talk me off this cliff? Or will this hopefully help solve this issue? I’m actually way less concerned with losing listings than to have up items I have no knowledge of or control over.

Screen shots of how to address this, if you know what’s going on, would be really helpful. Thanks!

I am using version: 7.0.9 (811).

I am not sure if I can follow you but the first thing I need to ask is why you have listings on the eBay site that are not in GarageSale? Does this happen because you start listing through the eBay website directly?

If you click on the sprocket icon in the bottom left corner of the import window there’s an option “Hide already imported listings”:

Does this work for you?

Regards, Kristian

I do not list on eBay directly. That means a lot of items that were created in Garage Sale disappear from GS only, even though they are often still live listings. They are only visible if I go into eBay, or if I perform a Import From eBay. (Here is a past similar issue: Ended & Deleted Listings from Garage Sale Remain in eBay for Sale - #23 by kristian)

I am saying the import from eBay seems not to work. When I Import listings from eBay, the items go into the “Lost and Found” Folder, which when I try to then delete those listings, they resurface as soon as I do another Import from eBay.

The other thing that is really strange to me is why anytime I select to view an item in GS that has ended, an “Archived Auction” is created.

I don’t really understand the purpose of Archived Auctions, and was once told to try deleting problematic ones. I didn’t receive an answer to my last question, which was:

“Can you explain what archived auctions are and how sometimes they glitch? I am glad I know how to fix this from now on, but am just curious. I have a lot of archived auctions in the “AuctionWebArchives” folder, will they also cause problems?” (Changes made not reflecting in GS live view, but updates on eBay - #5 by Gongs-Unlimited)


To Answer your question:

This is the process I have been doing. If you see the first Item that appears, the “One Mike Balter GM3 “Grey Goose” Gong Mallet”, is an item that I can’t even find on eBay anymore, but it keeps showing in the Imports.

@kristian - I really need help with this. Have you come up with any ideas of how to fix this?

I’m also not entirely sure, I completely understood your issue:

  1. It sound you import listings missing from GarageSale, just to delete them afterwards? What are you trying to achieve?
  2. There is an option in the Import panel (sprocket button in the lower left) to only import listings not know to GarageSale. Why this does not fix your main problem, it might at least make working around it easier.
  1. I am trying to clean up. GS is glitching and deleting items from it’s app only. People can still buy those items off of eBay. I don’t want them to be able to, so this is why I have resorted to such seemingly odd import/deleting behavior.

If this issue is still confusing, I encourage you to read the old posts I have made, which I have shared in this feed (Ended & Deleted Listings from Garage Sale Remain in eBay for Sale)

  1. That is what I have been doing. It has not worked.

Is this beginning to make sense? I am needing answers, and I’m not sure if my problem is being understood.

Why don’t you end the listings through the eBay website directly? Wouldn’t this be much easier and faster?

Regards, Kristian

Before I deleted the items from GS, I went into eBay and also deleted what was there. I’m sorry I was not clear on that.

These items no longer appear to show up anywhere in eBay, but are still showing up in the “My eBay Listing Imports”

The Import panel also shows ended listings, as long as eBay has information on them. We probably need to a filter option for hiding ended listings as well.

This Import from eBay is showing deleted listings - is that what you meant?

I think that would be incredibly helpful to have a sorting feature for this. Thanks for suggesting it!

Do you have plans to see about implementing that?

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