Asking again about the Global Shipping Program

I had asked about the Global Shipping Program earlier:

Anybody come up with a solution? How about making it so users can adjust shipping charged? Without this fixed sales reports ARE NOT accurate

How about just adding that extra charge to the “actual shipping” field?

That’s what I do add it to the Actual Shipping Field.

Seems like a half-baked solution, I can think of a few reasons why that won’t work. How about accurate reporting for I don’t know, the tax man?

If eBay charges an extra $1000 for shipping something which I don’t receive, garagesale will show that I made an extra $1000 in shipping income.

Hmm, did you get any money from eBay to cover your domestic shipping costs to eBay’s fulfillment center?

Yes, you charge your normal domestic shipping and then ship to the fulfillment center.

For now the only solution I came up with is to opt out of the Global Shipping program which might not be ideal for some people.

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