Global Shipping Question

Hello, I have a question about shipping through the Global Shipping Program, eBay charges an extra shipping cost but that “extra” shipping that they charge that I don’t collect or see always shows up on the profit and reports section.

Any way to adjust it to the actual shipping to what I charged?

Do you know when this charge does occur? When listing the item, or when the item is sold via Global Shipping?

This charge occurs after an item is sold through the Global Shipping Program

Ilja: I recently had a global shipping so I am including a screen shot. Total shows $46.84 but I updated in Actual Shipping a value of $6.33, which was the shipping to Erlanger, KY (the US Global Shipping Depot).
Once the value is entered in ‘Actual Shipping’, shouldn’t that value take precedent in all profit calculations? The report seem to reflect BOTH actual and eBay shipping values. (in fact ‘Actual Shipping’ ADDS to profit line)

Thanks, Steve

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We are trying to find a solution for this, for now I suggest you enter the $30.89 + $6.33 in the actual shipping field.

In the scenario above, did you get any money from eBay to cover your domestic shipping costs to eBay’s fulfillment center?

Part of this is eBays fault. In the screen shot above, the $30.89 under shipping is what the overseas buyer paid eBay. When using Global Shipping, I only send to shipping center in the US. That cost me $6.33. If GS could recognize there is an ‘Actual Shipping Cost’ entered and use that in the reports formula INSTEAD of the ‘Shipping’ from eBay, that would help clear some of this up. This would also apply other times that shipping differs from what the buyer paid. Many times the actual cost of shipping differs from what we predicted in our listing.


Did you get any money from eBay for the domestic shipping? Or just the $15.95 for the item’s value?

Not $6.33 but close. eBay figures cost from my zip to domestic location. With my top seller rating, I have a postage discount. I spend a little less than eBay figures. That’s why I was wondering if GS could use only the actual shipping figure in the reports. Leave it blank as a default. When we users insert a value, use that value we insert in the reports. If we leave it blank, the report could use the shipping obtained from eBay. This would apply and be more accurate at all times, not just for a Global Shipping.


I think that is a great suggestion

The problem is that eBay puts the shipping charge paid by the buyer in the same field, regardless if it was Global Shipping transaction or not. We have to figure out where eBay puts the shipping fee that the seller receives for GSP transaction and change GarageSale accordingly.

eBay fills in the ‘Actual Shipping’ box? OK, that is harder to fix.

No, not the “Actual Shipping” field. That field is filled in by the user only. eBay is providing us with the value of the “Shipping Cost” field. Since the semantics for this fields differ for GSP and non-GSP orders, GarageSale gets the profit calculation wrong.

Is my idea (above) feasible?

I asked eBay support for advice on how to retrieve the shipping cost you are credited with. If that’s possible, we change GarageSale so it shows only that amount, instead what’s charged to the buyer.

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