Auto Restart won't move old listing to specified folder


  1. I have multiple folders for unsold items…and I keep them in the Trash for reasons I’ll explain below. Auto restart won’t move the old listings to the various folders I want it to, since the folders are located in the trash. Instead it just places hundreds of unsorted listings at the bottom of the active listings.

Why keep the folders in the trash? Sometimes it takes 10 listings to sell an item, and I need to keep these old listings around and add up the total eBay listing fees once an item finally sells. Since I don’t want these thousands of old listings to mix in with my smart groups and slow other things down, I have moved these unsold listings folders to the trash as my makeshift “archive”.

It would be great if auto-restart would move them to the specified folder, even if it’s in the trash, or some other better work around, like an “Archive” folder?

  1. I sell items on consignment for multiple clients and when a listing ends I need to know the total of all listing fees for that item, the final value fee, and the PayPal fee. Right now I have to do a lot of jumping around between views to get all this info and it takes longer to do than it did with GS6. I keep track of everything in the Inventory. In inventory view, if the list of all the listings created with that inventory item also showed the eBay listing fee for each one, the date started or ended, or just ANY more specific info at a glance, that would be AMAZING!

There are probably a lot of people that sell things on consignment, and if you can look at any future GarageSale options/tools with consignment sellers in mind, it would help a lot of people!


Please check out the beta version of the upcoming GarageSale 7.0.4:

One of the changes is:

  • original listings can be moved to a specific folder during auto-relist


I’m sorry, I forgot to tell you that I AM currently running 7.0.4 Beta 2. I downloaded it already from someone else’s post! :slight_smile: I already have the option to move it to a specified folder, but it isn’t moving it to the folder I specify. I suspect it isn’t working correctly because the specified folder is located in the trash? Will it only move items to folders that are not in the trash? I have a very organized trash can!


@etb222 excuse me I did not understand, do you mean that GS does not move ended listings at all or that it does not move to folders that are located into the trash?? Does GS move ended listing to the trash?

GS moves it to being just a “loose” listing under the main “LISTINGS” section, not into any folder at all. It doesn’t move it to the trash, nor to the folder in the trash where I told it to go.

So the auto-move option does not work? I am a bit worried since I am changing all my listings, but I cannot confirm it at this moment since I am using 30-days-listings and will expire in some weeks…

Yes, that’s the specific use case that seems to trigger the bug. Thanks for clarification. This version should fix it:

Ok, thanks so much!!

@ilja is it going to be released in a short time or do you suggest to use that version?

If GarageSale should move your listings to a folder inside your Trash folder, download this version. Otherwise skip it.

But etb222 said that ended listing are not moved also to trash… what about this?

@fedege96 I was just saying that it didn’t move it to the folder in the trash (and that it wasn’t even close by for example moving it to the trash but not the folder). I never actually tried to move anything simply to the trash. It will probably work fine for you, but maybe you should test it with a single listing just to make sure.

Ah ok, I see now! Well, testing would mean giving money to eBay and this is not a good idea :smile: I only have 30-days-listing free, auction or 10 days are 30 cent, so I have to wait some weeks before testing if it works or not…

I understand! :smiley: Hope it works out fine!

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