Automatic Cancellation not working (for me) again

You are on 9.2.1. Mine would not assign a restart date until the newer than Dec 22 version.
The fix is to click off and click back on and a date is assigned.

Screen Shot 2023-02-04 at 8.09.59 AM
Screen Shot 2023-02-04 at 8.10.24 AM
There is an issue. One of mine from 2 hours ago has the date and one from 2 hours ago doesn’t! Now GS will know where to start since they fixed it in Dec 22

This also never changes. Prepared, listed or sold. It always says “eBay USA Not listed yet”
Screen Shot 2023-02-04 at 8.14.49 AM

I have tried turning it off then turning it on many times. Have tried tried heaps of things but the date does not appear.
Are you saying that there is a later version than mine?

No, I didn’t see your screen shot above when I first commented. I just clicked off and back on and the date appeared on my example above. In Dec 22, It took weeks for the fix. Kristan said it takes time to get fixes when it involves the end/ relist to let GS run through cycles

Thanks Richard. Was Kristian suggesting that I will need to switch off and then back on for every item?

That was my work around. If you go back and read the Auto Cancellation shows waiting for start on running listings in Dec 22 you will get the whole conversation.



Dec '22

So just to make sure I got the scenario for this bug right:

  • you have a listing with both auto-cancelation and auto-restart active
  • auto-cancelation cancels the listings
  • auto-restarts restarts a new listing
  • the new listing has the auto-cancel checkbox enabled, but the auto-cancel date is not shown, and no auto-cancelation is performed


(These are the most pesky bugs, because it’s so time-consuming to reproduce them.)

Hi everyone. I think I may have jagged it.

  1. I am not using auto-restart because of the issues I have been having.

  2. I use auto-cancel on all my BIN issues.

  3. I tried to uncheck ‘Auto Cancellation’ ten re-check it. This failed to insert an ‘auto cancel date’.

  4. Following Richard’s advice, I
    Unchecked ‘Auto Cancellation’
    Checked ‘Auto Restart’
    Unchecked ‘Auto Restart’
    Checked ‘Auto Cancellation’
    And the auto cancel date appeared for this item AND EVERY SUBSEQUENT ITEM, regardless of whether 'Auto Restart was checked or not.

Looks like the issue may be with ‘Automatic Restart’


My last statement was 99% correct. I found one exception though.

If I convert an AUC type to BIN type the cancel time does not change to the correct date. However, after I have listed the item, the correct date miraculously appears. That is probably how it is meant to work, I guess.

Watch for the second generation of the listings. That is where the glitch came back in to play before the last fix. GS may not assign a cancel date after cancel and restart is done.

And just when I was starting to relax…

I just discovered the tag feature. Tag some that are coming up for cancel and restart and make a smart group to check on a few to be sure they are being assigned a new cancel date

Just for giggles, Check your preferences to make sure the auto cancel feature isn’t set to never.

I had forgotten about that setting but I have it set to 5mins anyway. Phew.

Put some on ‘auto-restart’ after Gs had ‘auto-cancelled’ and the correct date was inserted into the ‘cancel date’ BUT as always I have a question.

I find the terminology below a bit confusing (this may have been brought up previously). Is this actually a re-list or a new item?

I guess it is less useful if it is a re-list because of the way eBay treats re-lists in its search results.

Screenshot 2023-02-06 at 1.20.47 pm

At Kristans suggestion I read the manual from beginning to end. I found this and did not know this. GS actually will relist and not make any changes, Like price or even title changes.

Relisting Options

Relisting Options

Relist without changes: Choose this option to relist the item in its original state without any changes. The item will retain its recent sales history and eBay ranking.
The listing will be re-listed with whatever quantity was left on eBay when the original listing stopped.

Relist with all changes: This option allows you to relist the item with all changes you have made to the listing in GarageSale since you initially started or last revised the original listing. The item will retain its recent sales history and ranking unless you raise the item price or change the listing title.
The re-listed listing will have the quantity that’s currently entered in GarageSale’s quantity field, which probably is the starting quantity of the original listing.

Relist with selected changes: Choose this third option to manually select the desired changes from the checkoff list below. The item will retain its recent sales history and ranking unless you raise the item price or change the listing title.
When you re-list with the “Quantity” box checked, the re-listed listing will have the quantity that’s currently entered in GarageSale’s quantity field and not the quantity that was left on eBay when the original listing stopped. So keep that in mind when checking the quantity box. You might want to activate the “Use ‘Quantity Left’ as new Quantity” option in this case (see below).

You are correct. This is confusing. Relist with changes… OK. Relist with changes to photos and description, OK Isn’t this the same? As a test GS didn’t make price changes just photos and description. Not sure why I would want to NOT make all changes? Automatic Restart Feature

GarageSale’s automatic restart feature automatically relists ended items. You can enable it for prepared and active listings in the “Advanced” tab of the Inspector sidebar.

Auto Restart

Specify whether you wish to relist the item with or without any changes you made to the listing in GarageSale since you listed the original on eBay.

If there is any quantity left in the ended listing, GarageSale will re-list that listing with the remaining quantity. If all stock of the original listing sold, no re-list will happen.

I was interested in the term ‘retain ranking’. As I understood re-listing, the item drops in ranking with every re-list. Does that mean that a re-list in GS does not suffer the drop in ranking? Seems strange.

Yes, curious. How does it retain ranking AND get a new # assigned?

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