Automatic Cancellation. The default?

Hi guys

I set some items with auto-cancel set on but forgot to set the ‘time interval’. GS listed the items then stopped them within minutes of the listing started. Not sure this is desirable.

Is this the expected action?

If so, can I set the Default time interval?

If not, any ideas on how to handle it?


That’s strange. What value was selected as the interval?

“1 Day Before Listing Renews” is the default option as far as I can tell. Like many of the other listing settings you can’t change the default value but what you can do is to create a “master” template that holds all your preferred settings. You can define the master listing in the GarageSale preferences > eBay > New Listing as you probably already know:

Another way is to simply create a duplicate of that master listing manually.

Hope this helps,

Hi Kristian

The interval box was blank. Here is the screen shot i meant to attach to the original Topic.


Just to add a bit more.

I think the situation occurs when I select a number to items, some having auto cancel on and some off.
See image below

I then click the automatic cancellation box and it turns all of the items to selected but does not have an interval set.

Oh. BTW. Multiple selection now seems much faster with 8.1.2b2 (1235)

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