Automatic Restarts after a power outage

Anyone advise me on this one. Had a 6 hour power outage after severe storms. Many items had ‘automatic restart’ selected that would have taken place during the outage. Ebay restarted them automatically because GS had not been able to cancel them.

A quick check of a few items show that GS had picked up the Ebay restart.

Am I reading this correctly (hopefully)? Or is there something I need to do to resync Ebay and GS?
Any advice muchly appreciated.


If they weren’t canceled by GS then they were charged to your ebay account for another 30 days. Ebay doesn’t restart them they just let them run for another 30 days under the old item number so GS sees them as running. Check the start date in GS it will likely show 31 days ago not 1 day ago

The charge part is OK because under Managed Payments I can list up to 250, 000 items without incurring a listing fee.

But the part that puzzles me is that GS shows the listing time as the latest listing time provided by the 'Ebay Start’.

This item was started today at 3.01 (during the power outage) bu Ebay - presume.

The same date/time is shown in GS

This suggests to me that GS has picked up the Restart time just after the power came back on.

For me, it is a great outcome BUT am I reading it correctly.

Maybe the GS Team can comment on this.


your screen shot shows listing was started 1 Jun 2021 not 1 Aug 2021 during your power outage

I read that as the original listing started on 1 June and has been restarted/relished inJuly and August. They are all GTC listings which are valid for 30 days.
I am not quite understanding how the whole thing sits together.

All my listings should have been relisted by GS,apart from a few recent new listings.

Regards David

August 1

your screen shot shows listing was started 1 Jun 2021 not 1 Aug 2021 during your power outage

When you have the cancel and restart feature set once a month you have to uncheck and recheck the box. Otherwise GS doesn’t set a cancel date. See my screen shot.( before checking the box and second is after checking the box. This listing was restarted once and now needs rechecked to get a new date set for restart) It will start the first month but after that it won’t restart without you unchecking and rechecking the box. I reported this issue to GS and they choose not to change it. Check your listings to see if this is not the case.Screen Shot 2021-08-01 at 4.33.23 PM
Screen Shot 2021-08-01 at 4.33.40 PM

Thank you Richard

I was unaware of this issue and it explains a number of things that are happening with my listings.

I am surprised that GS Team did not think this was worth looking at. It basically means that GS picks up the Ebay delisted item as opposed to stopping the item and listing it again. As has been discussed previously, it seems that Ebay search patterns favour a new listing to a listing that has just been rolled over as a re-list. Am I reading this correctly?

Ge Team. Please comment on this situation (and if you can find time please comment on Item attributes - #7 by davidelliott. I have a few other things which may require attention but I would like to clear these up first. If you think you have already answered this, then just tell me so. I have broad shoulders.


I cannot comment on Ebay “picking up delisted items”. Ebay keeps the same item number from month to month, ending and relisting assigns new item number and searches view it as a New Listing.

Thanks Richard
I meant to type ‘re-listed’ and not ‘delisted’ so we are still on the same page.

Let me see if I have now got this correct.

  1. I create a new item as GTC

  2. I need to check both ‘Automatic Restart’ and ‘Automatic Cancellation’ to force GS to stop the old listing just before GTC expires.

  3. After the item has re-started (as a new listing, I must uncheck and then re-check the ‘Automatic Cancellation’ box otherwise it will fail next month because the cancel date hs not changed.

  4. If I do not perform step 3, the item will be re-listed by Ebay and keep the same item number. GS will recognise this and update the GS internal data base.

  5. This sucks.

I have probably made 1000s of changes to items expecting the changes to be applied when the listed was stopped and then started again. I assume that these changes were not applied - apart from the very first month.


  1. okay

  2. yes

  3. It will not restart a second time until you uncheck and recheck to get a new cancel date. It will remain “Cancel Date: Available after start” until you take the time to reset the process.

  4. Ebay will let your listing run for another 30 days with same item number. GS shows original start date and number with no changes even though you make changes in you GS listing. YOU must hit “Revise” for any changes to be made to ebay listing.

  5. Yes

Your last statement is entirely correct. YOU must revise when you make changes OR uncheck and recheck the restart button to trigger GS to set a new cancel date. I originally complained but I don’t always want every listing to restart every month. IF I have 3-4 sales on a multi item listing I will let it run until it goes 30 days will no sales. Ebay recognizes a “hot” listing and pushes them up in searches so don’t kill every listing unless it has no sales for 30 days. I have a few “hot” ones that eBay pushes in searches and they are rare so cherish them and let them run.

I just made +6.5% inflation changes to my prices using “Apple script”. I had to hit the cancel and restart button using bulk edit to get all the new prices up to eBay so GS will upload when the next 30 is expired.

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