Bank Locks My Card When They See GarageSale Part II

Sorry for letting the first thread lapse, but health issues are preventing me from doing a lot at one time.

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Have you asked your bank, if it is possible to put our charge on a white list for your credit card?
They have no way of relating to that question. I know because I tried.

I live in rural Maine, and things are pretty simple up here.

Also, do you have a protection on your credit card account against charges from outside the US?


It was just locked again today “as a matter of security.” That means I have to drive 70 miles south to prove I’m me and then drive home, knowing I will have to do it again next month.

Can I simply send money via Paypal?

@Michelle is your card authorized for online purchases?

Maybe apply for a Visa or Mastercard card with a large national bank or Discover?

Yes. Garage Sale is the ONLY purchase I have ever had a problem with.

Unfortunately we didn’t take the possibility of non-automatic payments into account when building the system that manages our subscriptions.

I’m afraid “sneaking” in a manual payed account would cause all sort of problems for our bookkeeping and accounting in the long run.

How about changing to a yearly subscription plan? This way you only have to deal with the credit card lock once a year. :wink:

I find it quite unusual, that your bank repeatedly locks your account after bouncing a GarageSale charge, and then lets you travel 70 miles to sort out their mistake. Doesn’t sound like great customer service to me.

Maybe signing up for a PayPal credit card and using that for GarageSale also helps?

Actually, I have a PayPal card.

I can’t find the invoice or any payment options on Stripe. What is that URL?

There is no URL for changing your credit card. Please cancel and re-subscribe using your PayPal credit card under GarageSale Preferences > GarageSale Pro.

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