Bank Locks My Card When They See GarageSale

I have three bank accounts. None of them will pay charges for GS due, according to two of them, to your physical location.

So I end up at the grocery store or gas station with a card that is “invalid” because it’s locked by security departments.

(That’s essentially what I’ve been told about the problem, though there MUST be more to the story.)

I understand I can’t pay via PayPal, and that leaves me wondering how to best do this.

Have you heard of this problem from others?

What options do I have?

Sorry, to hear. We haven’t heard of this issue before.

What’s strange is that we are using Stripe, which is one of the largest credit card processing companies. I thought that would give us some legitimacy.

Have you asked your bank, if it is possible to put our charge on a white list for your credit card? Also, do you have a protection on your credit card account against charges from outside the US?

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