Barcode Scanner not working on iMac using in built camera

The scanner function is not working on the iMac I’m using to list from
The function comes up and you get the brackets and the picture however it does not scan and fetch the product information. This is proving a major time waste as Ebay UK want lots of silly numbers most buyers won’t even look at
EAN AND MPI/Barcode are throwing up must complete messages a plenty …
Paid good money for this digital product … please fix

Okay, here is the backstory to the state of the barcode scanner in GarageSale 6:

In order for the scanner to work, the application has to put the iSight camera into Macro Mode. There were documentation from Apple available how to do that around the time when the first MacBooks shipped.

This method stopped working for the iSights shipping in the iMacs, so GarageSale has a hard time recognizing the barcode. You might have a chance if you have perfect lighting at your desk, but still is not a very convenient feature to use.

Unfortunately, there is no updated documentation available, and its possible that the hardware just doesn’t support the Macro mode at all.

For GarageSale 7, we decided to move that feature into a separate companion app for your iPhone, which we call “GarageSale Scout”.

If you want to check it out, you can grab GarageSale 7 from here:

Ive upgraded now its hanging up the machine

Can you be more specific? At what point does it hang up your machine? Do you even see the main window?

Machine totally freezes with the program loaded. Couldn’t even get force
quit to work. I had to power the machine down to get it to restart i Mac
running OS X 10.11.4

Did you get past the migration phase where it converts a copy of GarageSale 6 database into the new format used by GS7 ?

yes it did all that
it was further on when i wanted to start listing in it that it froze