Bug: best offer greyed and not working

I found a new bug. Best offer is greyed and cannot be enabled:

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Not possible to be clicked. Smart folder detect it as “best offer ebaled yes”, but actually the online listings do not have the best offer button. I don’t know when it started, but I discovered thousands of relisted listings. This is quite problematic for me.
I hope a fix will be found soon.


What version are you running? I just tried 9.3b4 and it works on GS and eBay

I am using the last available version from the built-in updated: GarageSale 9.2.1 (1503).

Some listings still have the best option enabled, but many newly listed other don’t. Maybe are these the recently ended and relisted ones?

Not all categories support the Best Offer option.
Please give this a try:

  1. Open the GarageSale preferences > Accounts and click on “Refresh Access Token”.
  2. If done, select one of the listings in question and open the category browser. In that browser click on the sprocket icon to update the category data.
  3. At the bottom of the category browser check if the selected category supports the BO option.

Thanks, the issue was caused by categories. After updating, the best offer option is again clickable. Now the issue will be catching and updating thousands listings without the best offer option in the live listing…

You can make a smart group that “uses best offer” is “no” and have GS update them when you are away from the computer so GS can run the updates and allow you to work on other listings.

It didn’t work. Although the best offer was greyed, the smart folder filtered them as “best offer is enabled”.

I would probably just run a “REVISE LISTING” to add the offer button and start at the newest and work backwards during your time away from the computer and they will be fixed in a few days

Yes the conflict in GS also arises from some other Category requirements getting “out of sync”. In my case, it’s usually “Condition”.

The Condition is set and active in the listings. The problem is that the Categories data from eBay somehow gets corrupted or deranged (almost certainly from the server side), and a given item’s Category is changed so that on my local GS verifier that category doesn’t say it needs Condition, when eBay still believes it does. So the GarageSale (which has incorrect requirements) will locally say a listing is fine, but eBay (which has probably? not updated those requirements) will say it needs Condition.

This seems to happen spontaneously every few weeks.

If there is a GS bug, it is somewhere in the code that updates the required Attributes for categories, or which removes non-required Attributes from uploads. For whatever reason, the GS requirements list becomes incorrect, compared to eBay’s server-side verification list.

The behavior I would expect is: If I set Condition (or Best Offer, or any of the other things) to a non-null value in a listing, I would expect GS to attempt to upload that field, whether it is required or not. At the moment, if I have the field set locally, and GS imagines that it is not required, it does not even try, and the server complains that it is required.

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