BUG: GS7 Changing Listing Titles

The previous thread on this was closed but there was no fix and it is still a big issue for me.

Clicking through different listings in preview mode randomly results in the title of the listing being changed to the title of the listing I just left.

This is really problematic when the title is changed on a draft listing, because there is no record of what it had been. At least when it happens to a live listing, I can copy and paste the title from live mode back to the template in preview mode. But when this happens on a draft, I have no idea what the listing title had been so I can change it back to the correct title. Many of my draft listings have titles that were already researched and put together with the correct keywords, etc.
Not only do I need to try and determine what the item was to begin with, but I then have to recreate the listing title. Can’t tell you how frustrating this is.

I should note the ‘undo’ function does not change the title back to what it had been before it was changed. I am running the latest version of GS7 (last updated yesterday 2/10).
The template design I’m using is “Just White”.

Please put out a fix for this.

Here’s a link to the last thread:

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Yes, I have experienced this too, in all GS7 versions. With several different templates. I don’t think it has to do with the template, but the rendering of the list view (left sidebar). Typically when it happens, the listing title is selected on the changed listing.

Please fix. The only way to recover is (if I’m lucky and the listing is already running or completed) to view the live auction and copy and paste the correct title back from there. Undo does not work.

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Do you remember where exactly the listing title was selected?:
In the left outline view?
In the Preview mode in the header title bar?
In Preview mode inside the listing design?

Regards, Kristian

For me, it is always in the left sidebar - I think you referred to it as outline mode. :slight_smile:

Yes. Selected in the left outline mode. I do not know what process (keystroke, clicking &c) I used to change focus to another listing, but occasionally when I notice it it’s because the new listing has the previous listing’s title. I don’t see it happen, but do notice it happening when I am editing listings.

Typically it’s when I am cleaning up listings in preparation for launching them the first time.

Are you using mostly Preview or Editor mode in GarageSale?

Preview mode. I never use editor mode.

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