GS7 is changing listing titles

I’m having the same problem that was reported last year (link to thread below).

Occasionally when clicking from one listing to another in GS7, the title of the listing I just clicked on will change to the title of the listing I just left.

This is happening randomly and has been for weeks.
I’m not doing any copy/paste function. It just seems to happen for no reason.

I had been editing shipping options on a few listings this morning and it just happened again. I then noticed the changed title had been uploaded to eBay when I submitted the other revisions.
So I had to recreate the listing title and submit the edit to eBay again.

I’m using build 7.0.5.

Link to prior thread re this issue: Garage Sale changing listing template titles

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I’m having exactly the same problem. It did it once when I didn’t catch it and my boss raised hell. I’m running a million dollar plus per month eBay business with GarageSale 7 and quite frankly this is unacceptable. I’m also running 7.0.5

It just happened again! Grrrr!

The same for me. It generally (and randomly) happens when I do these thing in order:

  1. look for a listing using search field (I type a code included in the title)
  2. Find that active listing and close it though GS selecting the last choice (“contains an error”)
  3. press CMD-D to double that listing I have just closed (and in general if I press CMD-D just after expiring the listing the issue happens more frequently)
  4. the new (inactive) listing has not the title of the one closed (point 2) that I doubled, but the title of the listing I had started before looking for this listing (so just image to repeat 1-3 for 2 listings, the issue happens when I am listing the second one and it will have the title of the first previously listed…)

Are you usually working in Preview or Editor mode when this happens?

Is this also happening with the latest 7.0.6 Beta version?

We really should raise our prices by a lot. :wink:

I see that your instructions not always cause the problem, but if you have a few minutes to spare, we’d appreciate if you could try capturing the bug an video for us to replicate.

Hello @ilja

I always work in preview mode

I am honest, I actually don’t know, it is some weeks I am not listing new items because of the move… so I don’t know about the last beta, but surely it happened with the previous.

Not for all, I hope :joy:

Well I tried several times in the past, we already discussed different times about this issue. I tried to catch it but using the video recording while working on GS terribly slowed down so I had to give up. Now I will try with the new (and hopefully more efficient) computer, and then let you know if I catch it. But I guess I will start listing again in not less than some weeks… boxes everywhere :neutral_face:

I have experienced the same problem. Have not had the opportunity to determine how it happens. Always use Preview mode.

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