Bug in "bold" button behavior

The toolbar button that has a ‘B’ for bold does not work like the rest of the toolbar buttons. The rest of them act as toggles - I for indent - you click once, it indents, you click again, and it undoes the indent. Etc. For Bold - once you click it, clicking it again does not untoggle the bold.

Can this be fixed in the next update? It’s been around for quite a while and I thought I reported it before, but a casual search here shows I haven’t, at least publicly. Thanks!


Same for me. I normally use the familiar command “B” rather than a mouse click probably because I use that on every other program

I didn’t even see the “B” button there, always cmd-B :). But yes agree that it should be consistent across all buttons in UI. Just tested and indeed “B” button is bugged.

The bold button is fixed in beta 7:

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