Bug when selecting a Group/Folder

Hi GS Team,

This doesn’t not happen to garagesale 7 (beta 17), but it happens to all releases after it, it’s my first time reporting it.

When one selects a group and displays items in the preview mode, GS no longer selects everything within that Group, one has to do a select all if one to has to make changes to everything in the group.

Also when one does a select all while on a folder in (preview mode) and drags all of the items to another group, only the items within screen view are move to the other folder.

Very odd behavior but I’m sure easy UI fixes.

Affects Garage Sale 7 (Beta 28), I will look at (Beta 29 next to see if this issue is gone).

That was a deliberate change. Before this change selecting a group containing a few hundred items would look up GarageSale, (especially on slower Macs) because all listings had to be loaded from disk to computer the correct display values in the inspector.

If you want the old behavior, you have to click on a listing in the overview mode to move the focus and press command-A afterwards.

Just saw this happening, too. Very odd indeed. We’ll look into this.

For the record:
*Preview mode => shows an editbale mock-up of the eBay listing for a single listing
*Overview mode => shows several items in either as thumbnails or as table view

I’m sorry.

“Overview Mode” is what I’m referring to.

Thank you for looking into it.

I understand about the deliberate feature, it makes sense, I thought it was a new bug that you guys didn’t notice.