Bulk editing no longer works

Guys, I am loosing my time day after day, and every time I have to do the same thing 3 or 4 times before understanding what’s wrong: BUGS!!!
This time is the bulk editing which does not work!! A video will be better than 100 words…

Video on dropbox

PLEASE do something…

P.S. Further that, there is ALSO another little problem… those listings that were expired with auto-restart disabled have been auto-relisted for 4 months… is it possible to know why now they have no longer auto-relisted enabled???

I use GarageSale from version 6 and I had to change to version 7 to use variants for the products.
Unfortunately, from version 7 I had only problems, and a lot of time for changes.
I have thousands of listings and to make changes is always a problem, especially for bulk changes that do not work.
From title editing, the function finds and replaces version 7, it is not yet available.
Now I need to replace the template of the ads but it does not work, if I select the ads, they sometimes work and others do not.
This problem also occurs with the editing of variances by copying and pasting the components.
There are still many things to fix, I have to handle almost 30,000 listings, and it’s not easy with all of these issues.
I miss a lot, version 6 :cry:

Try selecting listings from the middle page and not from the side menu.
It probably works.

Select from the side menu the ones you want to edit, then select again on the center page and make the changes.

It works, but I would say it’s a useless time loosing. why should’t it work if I select only from left side menu??


in the video, you did not select all items in the overview, where all selected items show up (in the middle). You have to select them there, too.


Hello Paul,
is there a reason for double selecting items every time? I don’t think it is very efficient… anyway, now I know…

Agreed. I often forget to do that and think I have changed the postage costs for them all when in fact I have only changed it for a single item.

Two reason:

  1. Performance: Computing an aggregate view for the inspector for all selected listings can take some time, especially for users with low-end machines. We didn’t want to make users wait everytime they click on on a group with several thousand items.

  2. Consistency: In theory we could change this behaviour if only a few items are bulk-selected, but then the behaviour would be inconstent.

@ilja I see, I think it is not very user friendly and I guess I am not the only one who have been bulk modifying in the wrong way (discovering then it did not work)… mainly because it is not very immediately to understand. Anyway, now I know and I will keep it in mind…

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