Feature Request + Bug: Preview of Gallery image doesn't work

@ Garagesale Team: Please Reenable showing large Image of Gallary Image by just clicking on the Gallary Image

Another maybe Bug:

To do a Testmigration from version 6 to 7 I used my already existing virtual Mac (El Capitan 10.11.6) before I migrate my “real” system running latest High Sierra 10.13.1 and I found some differences below Gallary Image:

On my El Capitan system I see small icons of all pictures below the Gallary Image:

On my “real” High Sierra system I can’t see the small image icons:

Can anybody confirm this behaviour ?

Another Bug related to this Images stuff:

If I click on the numbers on the right bottom corner of the Gallary Image I’m “redirected” to some internal image browser where I can scroll through the pictures and change the order of the pictures.

I have two problems:

1.) I can only swap two pictures but not simply “move” one picture “between” two others (same problem when I’m trying to move pictures in normal preview mode using “miniature zoom effect”). It’s very hard if I’m using up to 20 images and want to move the last picture on first position but want to keep the rest of the order :slight_smile: I have to play swapping all the time until I have the right order

2.) If I move an Image in the internal “image browser” the browser is closed right after I release the mouse to drop the picture to the new position:

Yes it’s true! I told about it a while ago but never changed… if you put the last image over the first, it becomes first, but the first becomes the last and not the second one… and that’s not very useful (not useful at all)

Instead of doing that, you can also drag and drop photos directly in description.

Yes, I can drag and drop photos directly in description but I use the minimal zoom effect which means that there is a big “distance” between first and last photo. To change the order I have to do a lot of swapping by moving the photos which is much work. Example:

In Preview the EPS thumbnails only appear, if you have EPS selected in the GarageSale preferences > eBay > eBay Images!

Regards, Kristian

Did you already discover that you can change image order in Editor mode, too? That might work a bit faster for you.
You can see it in the tutorial here (video #4):

These are the problems here if we make the whole image a clickable link:

  1. Drag & drop does no longer work.
  2. Double-clicking on the image does no longer work.

That’s why it’s currently the better solution to have a separate button for the image overview feature.
We’ll see if there’re workarounds though.

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian,

ok, verified :slight_smile: Thanks for info… On my Testsystem I did not activate all necessary options. I did’t want to stress my SSD in my MacBook while testing the GS6->GS7 migration (40 GB data on GS6) so I migrated all stuff on the virtual system running on a server with ISCSI NAS attached… I then finally copied migrated and verified GS7 data to my real system.



Yes… but normally I work directly in preview mode… It would be nice if the possibility to just move pictures without swapping as it is possible in the editor mode is also possible in this new picture browser which opens after clicking on the picture counter below Gallery picture. But as you maybe already read the picture browser has some bug (closing the browser after moving one picture).



What about some small magnifier icon simular to the “miniature zoom effect” which acts like the zoom effect or is clickable ?



So instead of the image count button you’d prefer a button with a magnifying glass icon that opens the image overview mode, did I get this correctly?

I would like this behaviour

also for the gallery picture. Either place the lense also into the left upper corner of the gallery picture or between the picture and the orange gallery icon or right of the gallery symbol :slight_smile: the image counter button can survive :slight_smile:


Please (Re-)Enable this nice tagging of articles which failed during (group-)verification:

OK but why do you think that’s better than simply clicking on the image count icon?

The gallery image is the most important picture which represents the whole article. So I really liked the very fast way in old GS6 to verify quickly whether this important picture is ok for me or not.
If I have to click on the image count icon I have also to close this “window” again by especially clicking on the specific close button instead of just moving the mousepointer a little bit to close the larger image automatically :slight_smile:
If I have to verify a lot of articles every helpful function saves a lot of time…

Thank you for the explanation!
I see, for quick-checking the main image a hover function might be nice to have.

Agreed. Would be helpful to have this enabled in the sidebar once again.

I have another question:

In GS6 if I select more than one article or I choose a whole group in sidebar all selected or articles in group are also implicit selected in the “icon” preview area on the right side.
In GS7 only the first article in the “icon” preview area is selected. I have to again select the articles on the right side to do some batch changes (e.g. by using the inspector).

@GS Team: could you change the behaviour to the old behaviour (automatically select all already selected articles also in the “icon” preview area) ?

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