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I found this in a previous topic. # Bulk price reduction. It’s coming up on the end of the year and USPS shipping increases happen. I have most of my listings with free shipping. I need a fast way to increase prices to pay the increases in shipping. I found the apple script that @kristian talked about and tried it and it works! However, how are apple scripts stored for later use? Also, I would like to add a specific price ($.50) instead of a percentage. It would be nice to have this feature added to GS to increase or discount prices.

I am not an Apple Script expert but I here’s a script that should be able to increase the buy it now price. The default value is “0.5”:
Increase BIN Price.zip (2.8 KB)

You migt want to try it with a single listing first.

A good place to store script for GarageSale is:
From GarageSale’s Help menu select the Apple Script Samples. Store additional scripts there for easy access.

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Perfect! I changed the default to my price increase and the change worked. This will save me tons of time. As always, thanks for the personal and quick help for us non-programmers out here. I will look through the Apple scripts to see what else is there. I watched beginner Apple scripts on youtube but it is way beyond my capabilities. Thanks again!

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