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Is there a feature similar to bulk edit on GS where I can adjust a selection of prices at the same time? On eBay I can select, let’s say 200 listings, and I can chose to reduce the price by a percentage or an amount. Been looking for this for a while as I have to do it on eBay site, and then when I relist the following month from GS the price is back to the original.

Hi Ricky,

maybe this works for you:

Regards, Kristian

Is it possible to change a price within a variation?

Unfortunately not. What is you need exactly? Change the price of all variation items for the selected listings?

Hi, I have been asking for this feature for some time. would like to see the ability to either drop the price across a range of selected items by a percentage, e.g. 10% off etc. or simply drop the price by a fixed $ amounts e.g… take $2 off…

cause dropping a thousand auctions by individual selection is time consuming…

regards, Sandy

I keep on getting notices like this all the time and clearly someone somehow they are listing, can drop the price of their items by a percentage, cause most people would run down or up to a fixed “nearest 5c” (I guess) if you get what I mean.

and it makes these auctions stand out… well I get notifications… and often I take them up… but when Itry to review my own auction prices by hand it is a very tedious process (I have 2,800 listings in GS so far, but really plan to do a marathon listing session in December, an I have physical tonnage of items to get rid of…
regards, Sandy

Ah I see now @nurgles . You can do it whenever you want but not through GS, directly on ebay: good reading :slight_smile: http://pages.ebay.com/seller-center/grow-your-business/boost-sales/manage-promotions.html

hi, did not know that you could do it through ebay…

my point is , I would like to be able to do it through GS… since that is what I use to list, modify, and alter my auctions with.

(since I have just found out about this, I have not used it, but every other time I have tried using ebay own editing to change prices, I have found their process so clunky/ham fisted etc… that I have almost always given up in frustration)

where as GS is, for the most part, intuitive and easy to use (interface differences aside) so once I open it, I don’t want to go anywhere else to modify or edit my listings/auctions…

hence my feature request… even apple script I am no good with…

regards, Sandy

Hello Sandy,
I see what you mean, however that’s not possible to do through GS. If I have to be honest with you, the promotion manager is the only ebay interface that is not so complicated and awful as we are use to. It is also much more useful than modifying prices through GS. The reason is simple: if you use ebay manager, you actually do not change the price, but discount it, and so customers can see the original price slashed and the discounted one red. Besides they are sent email and other warnings… much better that modifying priced through GS. Consider also that if you down prices through GS… than you have to increase them again! More again, ebay promotions has a countdown, GS not… It worths a try, trust me.

OK. great to know… still learning about ebay after a decade…
stil I would settle for this feature though GS, forgoing the notices and flagging of discounted.

just of the ease of use of GS.



Surely if GS team one day added such a feature, they would do it better than ebay actually does. However, I think it will not be here soon… so, it’s better to save time and starting learning it on ebay site.

Hi, I am only my personal nit-picking over my personal preference on what I would like to see, and how I work. no doubt other may have other personal preferences and work in different way. that is the benefit of this forum, for all to chip in to help… and I do suggest feature requests, etc, and chide a bit…

On the overall whole. I find GS works very well (far less crashes or hangs than Photoshop, and I paid thousands for that) and even ever better support than photoshop… (that line of code written for me that fixed my text problems was excellent support beyond belief…) (I did corner one of the lead programmers from one top company at a compute shop one day and spent over an hour giving him ideas, that went no where…)

so performance and support and what it does is Excellent. so well done GS team… pats on the back time all round GS team…
regards, Sandy

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