Cannot list Apple iPhone: "must select from ebay catalog"

I cannot get a listing for an iPhone to work. If I enter anything related to Apple & iPhone in the title, I get an immediate error that I must select from the ebay product catalog, but I have done that.
If I put something nondescript in the title, and select the iphone product, I can get by w/o an error, but shouldn’t my title inclue the product name??

It’s really strange that eBay returns that error.
Can you please try this?:

  1. Open the category browser. In that browser click on the sprocket icon to update the category data.
  2. Enter the product barcode in the Barcode field in the “Options” Inspector.

Hope this helps,

(I replied to email as well - let me know which method I should drop)

I tried this & multiple variations with no luck.


  • I started over with a brand new listing
  • Cleared recent categories
  • downloaded categories
  • closed pop-up
  • manually entered barcode (885909727827)
  • chose “Product” from options, searched on 5s, gold, 16gb
  • selected "Apple iPhone 5s - 16GB - Gold (Unlocked) A1533 (CDMA + GSM)

still get “must select” error

I also tried clearing the barcode, and just selecting the product; the correct barcode was filled in

I also noticed that when I select “include info” and stock photo, nothing actually changes in the listing, but maybe this is correct.

I don’t have a lot of iPhones to sell (i.e. just this one), so I may try using the ebay native lister, but I was looking for something a little more custom, so really would like to be able to figure this out.

I just update to 7.0.16b3, and that seems to have done the trick. fingers crossed, but will update this thread if needed.

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