Can't load categories in GS7

I want to load category in Collectibles for my manga listing. But GS7 didn’t load the categories, there’s no loading process or anything, it’s just plain blank like this:

other categories can load just fine

Thank you very much

Does it work if you refresh your eBay token and afterwards select “update categories” from the sprocket icon in the category browser?

Regards, Kristian

@jiggow if you look next to categories Search Box there’s a Settings icon that little wheel looking thing.
Click on that icon and update the categories from there, it should give you the option to do so (it gave it to me).

Also try deleting the categories directory on the garage sale folder usually located on a similar path:

hard drive name/users/user_name/library/containers(it’s a hidden folder)/com.iwascoding.garagesale7/data/library/application support/garage sale/

I was having the same problem and this resolve it.
It’s a clear bug, it happens a lot but i always just manage to find this gotchas (tech background).
This was a major find, I was losing my brains because collections kept disappearing from random listings after closing/opening GS7 and for no apparent reason.

@kristian @ilja

Thank you.

@kristian still the same, now im trying the vintagecrave

this one?

Yes, delete everything under CategoryData two folders should be there, then reopen GS7 it will recreate them then do the update portion I mentioned.

Good luck

still nope :sob:

now Business & Industrial too :sob:

thank you for your help

Were you able to update from there?
It really made issue went away, it goes to eBay and recovers the category

What version of GarageSale are you using? Also, if you keep the activity viewer window open when opening the category browser after having deleted the CategoryData directory, are there any operations stuck?

Would also add that recents are not filling in. Also, seems like the popup window disappeared when you selected the category. It now stays there, creating another click to dismiss. Something is definitely different.


yes, but still nothing happened

@ilja im using 7.0.6 (791)
im loading the category while the window popped out

If you remove the CategoryData directory, and try GS 7.0.7 Beta 1, does the problem go away?

No idea where this new behavior is coming from, but we’ll investigate…

Hi All

This is interesting, i too have the same problem, just now… although it does happen from time to time and ONLY in the collectibles field on the US site… its bizarre… none of the fixes above (meaning dump catagories or refresh them nor update to beta 7.07) rectifies this problem,

Could it be a communication issue with ebay servers? am trying to do a massive task, and this stops me as i list only in the collectibels category. .

any help would be awesome…

OK, dumped the category list again and refreshed and appears to be back… argh… ty

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hi, still can’t :frowning:
maybe because my GS7 version?

Did you already update to GarageSale 7.0.7?

Regards, Kristian

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