Category links in Pro: design templates not working


Had a buyer notify me that my category links in my Pro: designs are not working (See first attached image) and lead to a “server not found” message (See second attached message) when clicked. Here is what I’ve done so far to try and resolve this:

  1. Re-download categories from Ebay.
  2. Re-download Pro: Templates, specifically Pro:Compact: Version 2.7 and Pro: Classic Version 2.6
  3. Upgrade to latest version of Garage Sale. 7.0.16 (841)
  4. Turn categories off and then on again in the “Advanced” Tab
  5. Updated, Revised and Re-Uploaded templates

I suppose it could be a problem on Ebay’s end however their generated links to my store categories work fine. It just seems to be the ones generated by the Pro: Templates.

I am using High Sierra 10.13.6 and Garage Sale 7.0.16 (841)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Muddyshoes,

Does it make a difference if you refresh your eBay access token in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts, click on “Update Account Details” and then invoke the revise command for one of your listings in question?

Regards, Kristian

I will try that and let you know… Thanks in advance!

Greetings - I refreshed my access token and updated account details and revised a couple auctions but the problem is still there. :frowning:

I’m sorry to hear.
If you don’t mind can you post a link to one of your affected listings so we can have a closer look at the store links?

Regards, Kristian

Surely… here’s a link:

Note that the Ebay-generated store category links work fine, just not the ones that are part of the template.

One other thought - These are templates that I have uploaded over and over after they expire. I’m assuming that every time I upload a template that it and its respective code is dynamically generated?

I have a series of about 10 variations of this pro template, each one customized with different graphics. Whenever I create a new auction, I duplicate one of these pre-designed templates and just add new photos and data. I’m not sure if something could be outdated somewhere?

I had a look at the listing and can agree that the links are not working.
I also had a look at the listing’s source code and it looks fine (not out-dated). However, just to make sure: You have selected the “Pro: Compact” design in the design browser - It’s not a listing that you imported from eBay, right?


No these were listings I created from the template itself.

Hoping it was just a temporary problem, I tried revising and updating my templates again but no luck.

I was wondering if any others reading this and who use pro templates have checked out their category links if they are using them to see if they are working. I am still not able to resolve this unfortunately and with close to 1,000 templates, it could take a while to resolve if it’s a template-level problem.

I use pro templates and they seem to work fine. You categories’ links are very strange

they do not contain your store name, the correct one is:

I guess this is an issue within the template, hope @kristian will give you a help. Anyway it is strange that your shop is still http… damned problem of ebay, for example this evening they decided that my categories do not work too, at least the link brings me somewhere…

Just check the difference with your category link:

Actually it worked some days ago, but now my links in pro design brings me to an “error” page as shown above, I will let you informed if it is just a temporary problem …

It may be that these templates I created from scratch need to be recreated again as I’ve been reusing them for a couple years. Maybe the change with the HTTP stuff last year broke all my links.

I’ll create a new template from scratch and see what happens. I’m guessing all my templates need to be upgraded.

Thank you for your help.

Welcome, of course try to create a new one, also trying another pro template, then let us know if it works or not.

@ilja @Muddyshoes is right, there is really a bug somewhere in a recent version. I have just checked, those listings I created months ago have links that work, but those few listing that I have created more recently have broken links. Well, my links bring to a “not existing page” while those of Muddyshoes do not bring anywhere at all. Just check the video… the first listing is very old, the second one was created recently, all recent new listings (created with version 7) has this issue, while order don’t.

YES!!! @ilja look this video . I revised with version 7.0.15 (837) and now the link that worked before works no more!!! Just to let you know that GS 8 does not have this issue, I tried before and it did not broke the link, while version 7 did!

And moreover again, revising within GS 8 fix the bug!!! Look video

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