Changes made not reflecting in GS live view, but updates on eBay

A listing, which I assume I duplicated then changed, is not displaying those changes in GS live view.

However, when I “show the listing in web browser” the listing details changed.

These are items created in GS, not eBay.

I am using a Mac OS X El Capitan
GS Version 7.0.8b4

In GarageSale’s Live view does it say “Archived Listing” at the top?

Regards, Kristian

Yes, it does.

Please give this a try:
From GarageSale’s Help menu select “Open User Library”. In that window open the “AuctionWebArchives” folder. Sort it by date and delete the corresponding file.

Restart GarageSale afterwards. It should re-download the listing website and show the correct listing this time.

Regards, Kristian

Thanks, It worked!

@kristian: Can you explain what archived auctions are and how sometimes they glitch? I am glad I know how to fix this from now on, but am just curious. I have a lot of archived auctions in the “AuctionWebArchives” folder, will they also cause problems?

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