Clicking on Toolbar Button text in macOS 14.1

Continuing the discussion from Clicking on Toolbar Button text:

I just upgraded from macOS 13.6 to macOS Sonoma 14.1.

I can no longer click on ANY GarageSale toolbar button text.
Same non-clicking toolbar button text in macOS 14.1.1 also.

And… I can NOT click on any toolbar button text in Mail nor Preview either… :frowning:

The Mail app New Message window has “Header Fields” and “Photo Browser” icon buttons that have popup menus also have a “˅” “ˇ” (down-arrow-caret) next to the icon. These menus (Add, Tags, Listing Actions) should also have popup menu icons.


Looks like somebody at Apple decided standard toolbar button text should no longer be clickable. :man_shrugging: