Clicking on Toolbar Button text

Some Toolbar Buttons allow me to click on the “text” to “hit” the button. Good.

Other Toolbar Buttons do NOT allow me to click on the text. As the “text” of the icon is disabled for clicking. Bad.

All toolbar buttons should allow me to click on the text or the icon when the button is enabled.

Hey!! When did the “Start without the $” Toolbar Button show up??? :slight_smile:

I guess… MAYBE this is probably because those icons produce a popup menu, rather than just an action button (except the new Start button)… :frowning:

The Mail app New Message window has “Header Fields” and “Photo Browser” icon buttons that have popup menus and also DO allow clicking on the text.
And the icons that have popup menus (Add, Tags, Listing Actions) also have a “˅” “ˇ” (down-arrow-caret) next to the icon.


The Red icons do NOT allow clicking on the text. The Green icons DO allow clicking on the text.

Hi Neal,

oh yes, in a perfect world we could use the same, current API Apple uses for the Mail app. But as our app needs to run on systems back to macOS 10.12 (or was its name Mac OS X back then?) we have to make some tradeoffs.

And as we do not have Macs for every OS since then to test, we do not like touching/breaking such things easily.

Maybe you can tell our customers to upgrade their hardware/software more often. That’s better for Apple, too :wink:



I like the whole “horseshoes and hand grenades” idea approach to clicking. I wish apple would adopt “it’s close enough” so go with it but I doubt it gonna happen. There are some really tiny boxes to hit and it takes me a couple or three clicks to get it and I already have my mouse halfway across the screen and I have to go back to the micro box and click carefully. Lot size requires an exact box click and the words or the bubble don’t activate like the words in AUTOMATIC RESTART.
Screen Shot 2023-07-14 at 12.53.37 PM

Screen Shot 2023-07-14 at 12.52.24 PM

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