Crashes... for the umpteenth Time today... is Backspace key possible cause.?

I have spent the day re sorting out my ebay items storage on shelves, and making new folders in GS6 (names as to the Shelf location) and then moving my GS listing to that folder, so that when it sells, I can go to the exact location on the shelf.

anyway, with many hundreds of items on one rack alone and many rack under the house, I have been using the “search by name” to find the item listing is GS, and then drag it to the location folder in GS.

problem is I have had sever dozen crashes, today alone doing this… and I am starting to suspect the ‘delete’ (as a backspace key, may be the culprit… any ideas.

my typing is poor (very) after a power saw accident, and often make typos, because some finger just get in the road. and notice that if I mis spell a name and try and use the dell key as a backspace key, to get the spelling correct that GS 6 occasionally crashes when I do that. any clues.?

I was not able to reproduce the issue here with the delete key in the old GarageSale 6 so it might have to do with your database issue, described here:

Regards, Kristian

yes I seem to be having all the troubles… regards, Sandy