Crashing on editing title or text

1st time using garage sale for a month or so. Duplicated unsold listings, all seems okay. created a new listing GarageSale instantly crashes if I click in description or title, so I cannot create a new listing.
CrashID: * 6e27baa803478d58bd3a5ac637cfe931

What version are you running?

9.6 (1634) I have discovered that it only happens in Preview mode.

I can add a title and description in edit mode, switch to Preview mode to add Photos but any text title ot description in preview mode results in an instant crash, the minute I click to edit

(macOS Sonoma Version 14.4 (23E214) on an M1 MacBook Pro)

Exactly the same issue what I have since yesterday.
Prepared several auctions last week (no issues) and wanted to edit them yesterday: No matter which listing I try to edit, Garagesale immediately crashes. The only thing which changed in between: I updated macOS.
Garagesale 9.6 (1634) on macOS 14.4 (23E214)

That crash has to do with changes in macOS 14.4.

It will be fixed in the upcoming GarageSale update and you can already download a pre-release in our user forum here:

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Hello I have the same problem too and a friend also with mac os sonoma I hope they will correct the problem :pray:

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Thank you, downloaded the alpha and all is good again.

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