Create a listing with auction format and buy it now, best offer not available

I’d like to create a listing that is an Auction Format and Buy it Now and I’d also like to accept offers using Best Offer.

However I can’t seem to do this in garagsale.

The steps I take are:

Tick the box next to:

Starting Bid

I then enter an amount e.g £1.00

I then tick the box next to

Buy It Now

And enter an amount e.g £10.00

However I cannot select the option for

Best Offer

It is greyed out the ‘Best Offer’ tick box only becomes available when I deselect ‘Starting Bid’

I created a listing on without using garagsale in the same category and was able to have my listing as an auction format and fixed price and with a best offer.

Any help would be much appreciated as I love garagesale, but not being able to create a listing with a fixed price that includes best offer and also in an auction format is how I mainly sell my items.

I am using garagsale version 7.0.16
and I use


See screenshot below:


Hi Anirog,

in GarageSale you currently can’t use the Best Offer option if the “Starting Bid” checkbox is checked.
It seems to be new that eBay allows the Best Offer feature for auction format listings, too. We’ll check whether we can implement it in a future version of GarageSale.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks for the quick reply.

Do you know if I could create and start the listing in garagsale without ‘Best Offer’

Then go to and revise my listing to include a “Best Offer”?

That should be possible. However, revisions made on the eBay website won’t be transfered to the listing in GarageSale.

Regards, Kristian

@kristian yes, also on

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