Disappointed with update

i have 7.0.4 version which telling me about expiration.
auto update is not working (tried many times).

i see that newer version has auto-relist bug and i really disappointed - what version i need to download and how to install it without loosing my data ? i do not want mess of different versions on my mac.

p.s. such experiments must not be done with paid version of software. i feel like we are all free beta-testers here :frowning:

Concerning the expiration, that’s not a problem, see here Note about “Pre-release expiring” message

Concerning 7.0.4., if you use auto-relist feature, DON’T install 7.0.5!! You won’t loose data but expired items with auto-restart enabled will be relisted although you manually expired them. Don’t know which version fixes it…

Please check your Downloads folder. Because of changes in 10.12, we are just downloading the new release there and not installing it. We hope the re-establish the old behavior with the final version of 7.0.6.

Whatever you saw, you must have got it wrong. Nobody reported data loss. The auto-relist issue only effected use who uses GarageSale’s auto-relist feature and who have been using a beta version of 7.0.5 before moving on to the final release.

Hi everyone, it seems that 7.0.9 version has got the same problem :frowning: it shows all the lists as ended, but they’re regularly working on ebay! What should i do?

Try this:

  1. Refresh your token: Select your account in the GarageSale preferences>Accounts and click on “refresh token”.

  2. If done, select “Update All Listings” from the Listing menu.

Regards, Kristian

No way, it still doesn’t work.
I have to update them all one per one :frowning: