Does Garagesale have Parts Compatibility for eBay Motors yet?

Just what the title says.

I requested this a few years back and there was talk that it might come in GS8, I just wondered if it was added yet.

That feature didn’t make it in the 8.0 release, sorry.
You might want to have a look at this post from Ilja:

Regards, Kristian

We are pretty much ready to start working on this. But we never used that feature personally, and we have no clue what’s important for sellers.

If you could give us short list of how you’d envision the workflow in GarageSale to be, that would be very useful for us.

We have also been asking for this feature in GarageSale too. Currently we are still using GS 7 but if this feature was added it would likely push us onto GS 8.

eBay do encourage users to enter details of the vehicles they own and then items listed with the compatibility are promoted to them. This means our listing without this feature might be missed.

So, a seller needs to is select a number of cars (or other vehicles?) from a list of vehicles provided by eBay, for which his part is compatible, right?

What happens if eBay’s list does not contain a particular car?

I’m not sure I explained it very well but what happens is that when you sign into eBay as a buyer you are asked to add vehicles you own to “my garage”. The database of vehicles eBay have is quite comprehensive so even vehicles that sold in low volumes do tend to appear.

Once you have a vehicle or several vehicles listed on your eBay account you can click on a generic picture of them and it gives subsections for various types of parts that are compatible with it.

The eBay listings this brings up are ones that have been created using the compatibility feature. This means it is not going to be the same search result as what you would get simply typing something the main eBay search.

I forgot to add as a seller there is a list you can download as a .csv here:

Thanks. Nothing like a cup of tea and a good old Excel spreadsheet in the morning…

I just hope that all the different eBay sites (UK, DE, US) use the same mechanism for specifying car makes.

FYI it looks like motorcycles (which is what we need actually) is a separate spreadsheet:

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