eBay video expired

im using gargesale to list but im getting message when im uploading a listing with a video on. it say “eBay video expired
the selected eBay video expires soon. you should upload it again” . im uploading them today and its giving me 1 month before the video expires on every new upload in the eBay video window please advise.

Does it help to remove the video from your listing and then re-add the newly uploaded one?

no it makes no difference, I think the issue is with he upload as it gives me just one month before it expires.

Maybe I am mistaken but a newly uploaded video shouldn’t expire after just one month.
Are you really sure you uploaded the new video and that it has already be reviewed/processed by eBay?
You can check in the Video Upload Window.

It seems you are trying to upload an old video that expires soon and hence that eBay error.

yes every single video I have uploaded just gives me a month no matter what ive uploaded it just does the same.

Can you post a screenshot of your Video Upload Window? If you don’t want to share it here you can send it to me via direct message or through our support email directly.

Screenshot 2024-06-18 at 15.14.11

this is an example of todays upload and it just gives me one month before it expires it has happened with all recent uploads

I think eBay did change something on their end. The (changed) documentation states that all videos expire in 30 days. I do not know how this comply with Good Till Cancelled listings, but eBay may extend the expiration in that case (like they do with images).

This is not a eBay error, this is something GarageSale checks before uploading the item.

We will change the local checks for video expiration of GarageSale in the next (Beta) release. This version will be posted here.


Ok thank you for that Paul.

Should be fixed here:

I uploaded videos last year in November and relisted them every month since (at least 6-7 times). I got the notice they were “expired” every time I restarted them. I just checked one listing that is live on ebay and the video is there and able to be clicked on so they are not expired.

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