eBay website allows "Does not apply" for the Barcode/UPC

It appears that the eBay website now allows a value of “Does not apply” for the Barcode/UPC field on the website when the Condition is New.

How do I enter a value of “Does not apply” for New (from Old Stock) Condition items, since they are very old and do not actually have a Barcode/UPC.


Doesn’t it work to just leave the Barcode field empty in the GarageSale listing?

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian,

Nope. That is when I get the “The UPC field is missing error”. This used to work. It looks like there is now a new popup menu on the UPC field on the eBay website. Where is I select the “Does not apply” value from the eBay website popup menu, and Update listing, on the eBay website, I do not get the error.

See these postings:


Just write it in. I think eBay is just looking for Anything in the field.

eBay’s new API does no longer provide GarageSale with the type of barcode it expects for a given category. Seems our code to guess to correct barcode type (UPC for US, EAN for Europe) had room for improvements.

Please check with the next beta version.

This seems to be fixed in 9.0b12, for New Condition items WITH a valid barcode.

But… I’m still getting “missing UPC” errors for MOST categories, with a New Condition and a “blank/empty” barcode when trying to Start or Relist. This should translate into UPC “Does not apply”??? This is for “New items from Old Stock” which are New, but too old to actually have a barcode. The eBay website allows the value “Does not apply” to be selected from a popup when Revising the item.


Dang!!! Just got this “UPC field is missing” error again trying to Start a listing, when Barcode field HAS a valid value.

See exported listing, and screenshot.


Siku 1721, Piggy-back Forklift, Pallet Skid Lift, DieCast Metal, 1:55 Scale.gslisting.zip (4.4 MB)

I looked at the Barcode field for your listing. It has 13 digits. 4006874017218. Are you sure it’s correct?

UPC codes are supposed to have 12 digits (at least that what Wikipedia says), while EAN codes have 13 digits. So GarageSale thinks that must be an EAN code, and sends it as such to eBay, but eBay US ignores it and insists an an UPC code.

Yes, this is a European item. See photo below.

Seems correct.


If I enter the 13 digit value on the eBay website, it shows up as a UPC code…

If you get an error setting the value as an EAN, can you set it as a UPC, and try again???


Hi Ilja,

If the Barcode is “blank”, can you send “Does not apply”???
Otherwise just send the entered value??

Do you NEED to determine and send “UPC” or “EAN”??? Not on eBay website nor iOS app.

The iOS app shows a “Does not apply” checkbox toggle switch, or simply the value. See 3 photos below.

The same with the eBay website, simply “Does not apply”, or a value. See 4 photos below.

Neither one makes me choose from “UPC” or “EAN”, but maybe the API is different???

And both allow the 13 digit value and show it as the “UPC”.

(MAYBE a checkbox is required??? Like the Buy It Now and SKU fields???)


Yes, the way the eBay API is defined, we need to wrap the barcode in its type when submitting an listing, like 123 or 123.

I asked eBay how to determine the barcode type for a category with the new API we switched to for GarageSale 9, because they previously told us they were going to shut down the old metadata at the end of January (which they didn’t because GarageSale 7 and 8 are still working).

They are now suggesting to keep using the old eBay, as they won’t shut it down in the “near future”, as the new API doesn’t have this capability yet. :man_shrugging::clown_face:

Barcodes are now working great in 9.0b14!


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i wonder what their budget is on devs, since Twitter had a whopping 1.2 BILLION to spend in 2021 alone, and look at what a crappy state Twitter is in. Ebay actually makes real money from their site and they still can’t get shit to work.