Getting error, Barcode UPC field is missing

using GarageSale 9.0 Beta 8.

Trying to Relist or Start listing as New and with a Barcode and getting error “UPC field is missing” error.

I have listed, and relisted this same listing for a few months without errors…

Not sure why??? I THINK this just started with GS v9.

See movie and screenshot and exported listing.

Lot of 2 Atlas #210 Twin, Loop Direction Control, Reversing, Wye, N HO (4.6 MB)

Screen Recording 2022-02-27 at 10.01.57 PM

I really think there is something wrong with the setting of the “UPC”, “Barcode”, or eBay “EAN” field when Starting, Relisting, or Revising a listing… I think it has to do with a Condition value of “New”???

On some listings, when I do a Start, I get the “The UPC field is missing.” error no matter where I add a VALID barcode value. Even if I set the Barcode field, and add a valid “UPC” item specific.

I can not Start this listing as New. There is no way to Start this New listing. I can not figure out how to set or not set the Barcode. I have to change it to Used, Start, then Revise to New. This just started with 9.0… Exported Listing below.

It looks like the value “Does not apply” can be used/set on the eBay website, with the Condition New and that works.

MaybeGS needs to send/allow the value “Does not apply” for Condition New listings???

I think the Barcode/UPC/EAN field is not always being set correctly and sent to eBay…


Lot of 2 MLR Mfg 479-5006 Rail Soldering Tool 5010 Ballast Spreader, HOn3 (3.3 MB)

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